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Everyone wants to be productive, successful, and live a fulfilled life.  So, why is there still so much hunger for these outcomes?  Why do so many people feel uninspired, doubtful, and perpetually behind in today's society?

When you (and your employees, or your audience) uncover the secrets to managing your time and your mindset, you unlock the keys to creating more of what you want in life, personally and professionally.

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Amy's unique and unconventional approach to productivity redefines what it means to manage your time.  Learn how to overcome common hurdles to time management for good, using mindset-based techniques.


Fear, scarcity, and lack often cause people to shut down when they need to perform the most.  A growth mindset pushes past those mental barriers to promote action, resiliency, and outside-the-box thinking.  Bring your audience the keys to fostering and maintaining a growth mindset with this entertaining and thought-provoking presentation.

Amy Schield speaking in front of people seated at tables with slide presentation in background
Amy Schield Speaking.  Photo Credit:  Lee's Summit Chamber Of Commerce
simple hacks for better work-life balance

Whether your audience is full of small business owners or busy professionals, it can be easy to overwork and become burned out.  Amy shares simple hacks to help restore balance, so audience members can be healthier and more effective in their personal and professional lives.


Time Management For Professionals With Unpredictable Schedules

How To Overcome Common Time Management Hurdles

Harnessing Your Most Powerful Business Asset - Your Mind

Stress Management

Goal-Setting And Taking Action

Self-Talk (And Why It Matters)

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Custom-tailored topic of your choice for your event

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Breakout Sessions

Help your audience make big shifts in smaller blocks of time.


In-person or virtual, let Amy deliver life-changing insights to your audience.

Lunch & Learns

Give your employees the personal & professional development they crave.

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Hear from audience members & event planners:

Amazing info I will use personally to grow professionally.

Very good presentation... she could have presented all day!

Great information.  Very helpful.  Amy answered a lot of questions for me.

Delight your audience with impact and inspiration


Amy's talks are full of unique concepts and relatable examples.  She encourages the audience to take action, applying what they learn to their everyday lives.


Like to laugh?  Amy does, too!  Her mix of levity and learning enhances each presentation, lightening the mental/emotional burden of heavier topics.


Amy is friendly, kind, and doesn't take herself too seriously.  She is comfortable taking questions and engaging with other points of view.

What makes Amy Different

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As an experienced and easygoing speaker, Amy helps make planning, promoting, and executing your event less stressful and more fun.  Reliable, flexible, and creative, she is a great addition to a mainstage speaker lineup or a breakout session program.

Not only is Amy easy to work with, she truly cares about her impact on your audience.  Her passion is helping people to change their own lives, so she infuses each presentation with entertaining and inspiring stories + useful tips and strategies.

Amy strives to make her neuroscience-based approach to personal and professional growth and development accessible and understandable to a variety of audiences, so everyone walks away feeling enlightened and inspired to take action.